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Diamond Sure

The instrument for the diagnosis of natural, synthetic and treated diamonds.

Indication of the instrument:

The tool gives the following indications:

PASS Stone is a natural diamond
PASS CHECK WITH TERMAL PEN Natural stone is a diamond tester when checking on the thermal conductivity.
REFER FOR FURTHER TESTS (need more testing). Synthetic diamonds and fake diamonds fall into this category.
REFER FOR FURTHER TESTS (TYPE Ib COMPONENT) (need more testing). Type Ib - means a yellow synthetic diamond. On very rare occasions can be caught here, and the natural yellow color diamonds «canary».
REFER FOR FURTHER TESTS (TYPE II) (need more testing). This category includes all natural colorless diamonds are type II, and ennobled diamonds.
REFER FOR FURTHER TESTS (TEST FOR MOISSANITE) (need more testing). This category includes moissanite.


The device is designed to determine the linear parameters, proportions, symmetry, faceted gemstones and their deviations from the ideal cut.

The program's interface:

Mettler - Toledo

Determining the proportion of stone with carat weigher "Sartorius" with the device Mettler - Toledo by the hydrostatic weighing


Gemological Microscope Mark X


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