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1. How to distinguish an artificial diamond, or its imitation of nature?
2. As well as which certificates are issued in your lab?
3. Can I turn to you for any advice? How much does it cost?

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1.  How to distinguish an artificial diamond, or its imitation of nature?
Brilliant, faceted from artificially grown diamond can only recognize a professional expert with the help of special gemological instruments. Synthetic diamonds in their chemical composition, crystal structure, and hence the properties do not differ from the natural. Unfortunately, the current mass market devices for the determination of synthetic or natural diamond (for all types of diamonds) yet. To recognize an imitation, it is possible to use the device Diamond Tester. But it does not always justify the appointment. Even under the condition of qualified vendors in jewelry stores, he often fails. In our laboratory, using the device Diamond Sure. This device is well diagnoses natural stones are yellow.

2.  As well as which certificates are issued in your lab?
The laboratory is an independent certification body and the diamonds from manufacturers and from vendors. Assessment of the stone produced by two experts independently. If they score the same as - issued certificate. We are interested in the fact that our assessment was objective. Two types of certificates are issued: 1) The international assessment system 2) The Russian system of assessment. Evaluation of diamonds on the international system is analogous to evaluating the system of GIA. The Russian system of evaluation corresponds to the Russian qualifier. Samples of the color-standards correspond to control the color of the arbitration standards in accordance with the specifications -117-4.2099 - 2002. The difference is that the diamonds that are higher than the intensity of the color of the sample 9-4 and 5.8, we describe how fancy color stones. In assessing the quality of cut, we use the terminology of words from "excellent" to "satisfactory." In assessing the priority cut fancy shapes are not geometric parameters and visual perception of the stone: the degree of internal reflection, a game of stone, drawing the faces of reflection, etc. It should be emphasized that the certificates are issued only to natural diamonds. For the detection of imitations, synthetics and finishing in the laboratory there are a number of high-tech devices, and many years of experience our staff plays an important role. And finally, the important aspect - we work as a legal as well as with individuals.

3. Can I turn to you for any advice? How much does it cost?
The list of services in our laboratory is very wide and can accommodate both business and consumers.
We provide:

- Diagnosis (natural / not natural);
- Certification (definition of quality and color characteristics);
- Evaluation of raw materials;
- Evaluation of the stone in the initial stage for further cuts to cut to the best advantage, check the stone for his pereogranki;
- Measurement of the geometric parameters of diamonds;
- Testing of cut diamonds on the device "Hearts and Arrows";
- Diagnosis and certification of colored precious and semiprecious stones;
- Identification of already certified diamonds.

Work carried out on the latest diagnostic equipment. Also, the laboratory concluded agreements on cooperation and mutual assistance with the leading companies and educational institutions, proven in this field for many decades. With such a wide range of services, the laboratory has the ability to meet any customer requirements, based on their interests, capabilities, and taking into account the legislation of the Russian Federation to work with precious stones. Our customers can obtain advice from us as well as official documents (certificate of the Russian system, certified by the International Assessment System), Gemological opinion on the diagnosis and evaluation of precious stones and jewelry. We guarantee a highly qualified works and complete privacy.

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