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Russian certificates

for diamonds

International certificates

for diamonds
for jewels



// Our Contacts

If you are interested in our proposals, we are ready to provide additional information about the spectrum of our services:

by the phone: (495) 452-22-78, (495) 452-33-76 (fax)
or E-mail:  igclab@mail.ru

You can also reach us at:

12 Smolnaya st., Moscow, Russia, 125493
the building of "Diamond World"
Office 250 (2028)

Metro station "Vodniy Stadion"
594m shuttle bus (bus stop "Almazniy Mir")
Bus 70 (bus stop "ul.Smolnaya")
and 698 (bus stop "ul.Smolnaya, 15")

Mon-Thu from 10AM till 5PM, Fri 10AM till 3PM
To enter the territory a visitor needs a passport.

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