Russian certificates

for diamonds

International certificates

for diamonds
for jewels



// Services - Gemological identification

Type of Service
1 Diamonds identification
2 Determination of color and purity of the stone
3 Determining cut quality (proportions, symmetry and polish)
4 Definition of fancy-colored stones
5 Determination of Type II stone with special "Spotter" device
6 Re-definition of the color and purity of the stone after its re-treatment
7 Checking the stone on the need of its reprocessing
8 Checking round cut stones on the special «Hearts and Arrows» unit
9 Determination of the proportions of the stone by the "OGI" computer system
10 Issuing expert opinion for the Customs

International diamond certification and other gemstones and jewelery

Type of Service
1 Diamond Certification
2 Gemstone Certification
3 Jewel Certification

Russian certification of diamonds

1. The fee for diagnosis in the case of the refusal to grant a certificate of 50% of the certification.
2. In issuing the conclusion gemological diagnostics and certification - 50% of the certification.
3. The fee for the identification of diamonds is 50% of the certification.
4. Urgency and 30% of the certification.

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