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IGC сертификация бриллиантовGemological Center GCI has been operating for more than 20 years and is recognized and trusted around the world. The headquarters of the company is located in the center of Israel and has branches in other countries. The Russian branch of the GCI has been functioning since October 2004. The "I.G.C. International Gemological Laboratory" in Russia offeres its services to the diamond, gemstones and jewelery certification in accordance with the international system (GCI certification) and diamond certification in accordance with Russia's rating system (a system of voluntary certification "GEMMOCERT").

The Russian system of voluntary diamond certification "GEMMOCERT" is registered in the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (registration number POCC RU.3308.04BE00). The evaluation of color is carried out in accordance with the samples certified by SKTB "Crystal" in Smolensk for compliance with control samples, government standards of color (TU 117-4.2099-2002). At the same time the color in both systems is compared with natural samples, standards in diamonds.

Gemological research is conducted by experts certified by Russian universities and foreign gemological centers. All of them have had years of experience in such organizations as  GOKHRAN, ALROSA, GINALMAZzoloto, Almazyuvelirexport.

The certificate shall certify the authentity of the stone, its registered weight, color, clarity, shape and degree of perfection of cut and the nature of internal and external defects presented in the picture.

In Russia, only a certificate authorizes the legal sale of not-framed gemstones.

The laboratory also provides services for the diagnosis and evaluation of gemstones, the evaluation of raw materials, the evaluation of the stone at the initial stage for further cutting with the greatest benefit, checking the stone for the need to recut, the definition of color and purity of the stone, as well as gemological and customs examination of semi-precious stones.

The work is carried out on the latest diagnostic and measurement equipment: OGI Systems LTD, Diamond Sure, Diamond Spotter.

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